Thursday, 5 March 2015

Car Tinting nightmare

This has got to be the worst car tinting job I have ever experienced
the guy was recommended but a reputable Repco Sales Manager and he was nice enough to do it on a public holiday without extra charge- 

He is a mobile car tinter, the tinting took about 3 hours and when I drove off i had found he had tinted a mosquito on my drivers side. I called him u and i drove back and he pulled the tint back and redone it. then I asked him about all the other bubbles he said it was normal and they were just water bubbles and it should dry out. 

Today 5th march 2015 is day 3 and the bubbles have not dried out it is not water it is simply sand/dust and hair, I message him and he said I had to wait 1 month for it to fully settle. 

What can I do? 
I really regret going to him. 
I chose convenience over mainstream.
For everyone out there do not make the same mistake as I have.

Hair stuck in tint

sand bubble

more sand bubble

These little bubbles are all over the windows. I am one unsatisfied customer.
the only thing I can do now is wait 1 month

Please do not use this guy Chung from Infinit Tint  0468359954

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