Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Work Xmas Kringle

I just love my secret santa present. Such a coincidence I got a kitchen aid aswell, so yep you guessed it , I'll be cooking and baking alot from now on.. well try to anyway. Who wants to be my Guinea Pig?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

♥ Kitchen Aid ^_^

We went to Welshpool Business Centre Australia Post to collect a parcel, I was under the impression that we were collecting parts that NJ had ordered for his bike. When the guy at the post office brought a parcel out it was a big box. What the hell did you order? I was thinking.. Then I saw the words "Kitchen Aid" on the box. At that point NJ turned around and said "Merry Christmas" I was so happy..^_^
I have been wanting one for a while but I was too stingy to buy it because it's not exactly cheap. It was a "want" not a "need" thing.
I was so excited, the very same night I made a banana cake with it. I cant believe how quiet the mixer was. Most mixers have 3 or 4 speeds but the Kitchen Aid has 10 !!!!! and even on the 10th speed it's way more quieter than my old mixer.

Did I also mention its in my favourite colour too !!!


Miffy getting stroked by my lil niece 


close up

Miffy is getting bigger and bigger by the day, but not big enough. Still too fast for me to catch. But still my favourite paper shredder.

Spring Rolls

The other day I was making wontons and miscalculated and ran out of wontons skins. What to do with the left over filling? Well I made the rest into spring rolls. Lucky I did cos I had a craving for spring rolls and I had them in the freezer…. Burp!!!

Things in My Garden

 I planted the basil first and I got to say Basil is the slowest growing plant ever, or maybe it's just me kekek =P

Hot Chilli
Last year the chillies were red abut this year they are all black for some reason but still they are some very hot chillies. 
Didnt really know much about these flowers but they are quite cute, they have the texture of paper and only last a little while but the flowers grow back pretty fast.
I love the colours of the roses, looks pretty and smells pretty too =)

I planted these in Autumn and finally they have come up full bloom.
Its some thing nice to look forward to when walk outside to collect the mail. 

Mango Pudding

Tis the season for Mangoes everywhere especially in perth, everywhere I go I see mangoes.
so why not make some mango pudding.
Here is a very simple recipe:

Mango Pudding
- 1x packet of mango jelly
- 1x can of condensed milk
- 1x mango

mix the packet of mango jelly with 250 ml of boiling water and stir until jelly crystals disolve ad 3 table spoons of condensed milk, let it cool for about 10 mins and then dice the mangoes, mix together and refrigerate until next day.

Then Bon Apetite. !!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

iPhone 4S- simi

clip: youtube

Click on the above link.

Have you ever considered in getting an iPhone 4S? click on the link above, the skit is so funny.
Siri aka Simi ( singapore ) Mr Brown Show. =)

Monday, 5 December 2011


image taken from my phone camera.

We went to cottesloe beach to wet our feet and to catch the sunset in the late arvo. It was such a hot day, there was so many people, but the water was so nice and cool. 
The sky started to get cloudy and then the sun was setting that made the whole horizon turn orangy red, in the images u can see that the clouds look like they were pulled down to the sea, and then we saw lighting.
This was my first time that I actually see the bottom of the lightning bolt. I told NJ I didnt want to leave until I got a photo of the lightning.. kekek

Saturday, 3 December 2011





Rubber Stamp II

The Festive season is here and what more than to get into crafty things. Went shopping the other day and there are so many sales around. I can spend the whole day just going around looking at anything and everything. 
Anyway I came across an art & craft shop in Garden city(I forgot the shop name..opps) and they had 20% off everything Xmas so hats where I picked up the gingerbread man and the rudolph stamp. The camera stamp I got from a shop called Typo… cant wait to try them out.. oh did I mention I forgot to get a stamp pad - DOH !!!!!

1st Xmas gift

look at the detail ! O_O
I was surprised with an early Christmas gift by Kaye.
 I just LOVE these tea towels made by a lovely lady that I work with, she is so so talented. 
These Tea Towel Tops are all crocheted by hand, I just love all the details in the crocheting. 
Thank you Kaye your the best! =)

Beaufort Street Festival 2011

Photo: Flashback Photography
I have never gone or even have known of  Beaufort Street festival until my friend Chui Lin told me about it. part of beaufort street was closed off and there were food stalls/ craft/ vintage/ book/ anything you name it, it was probably there. There was so many people and it was very sunny and hot. Parking was a chaos and we had to park and walk really far , but it was a fun day. Thx Chui lin! oxox