Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nao Japanese Ramen

Lunch @ Nao Japanese Ramen

OMG I cannot believe how delicious this dish was. I cant believe it took me this long to actually go to this shop, 

Miso Base with Extra pork rib spinach noodle.

This is my first choice and can you believe it, it was so nice I dragged my sister to have it again the very next day.

Making fresh Ramen

I will definitely be back to this place.


Mr. Munchies Sushi

Lunch @ Mr. Munchies Sushi

Seafood Dragon Roll

Chicken Karage Bento Box

This is the second time I've been here. the sushi here is not your average sushi, its a twist of modern art. you can create your own sushi roll with your favourite fillings on request 
This place is not easy to spot from the road. If you all know where Grill'd in Mt Lawley on Beaufort Street. Then you've found it but you have to walk in past Grill'd and it's the last shop.


Dynamite RolIs Donburi

Lunch at  "Is Donburi"

Dynamite Roll - Tempura Prawn with chilli mango sauce.

Katsu Don

The food was yummy, I will definitely be back and I especially love the Katsu Don, they put the katsu chicken on top of the egg which leaves it nice and crispy , not soggy and wet.

Thank you Neutrogena

Received a freebie in the mail the other day. Thank you. =)

SuperMoon 2013

So 23rd of June 2013 was the day the full moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of the year

so here are some pics I took. 

23rd June 2013 Perth - the sky was very cloudy so I didn't get a clear view.

24th June 2013 Perth - the sky was clear and a much better view.

Banana time

This is the last bunch of bananas from my sisters tree. not only is it almost smaller than my hand but they are amazing sweet, I wish there was more so I could make a banana split ! But would that be crazy in the middle of winter?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

bubblegum car wash

This might be really silly but i just had to share with the world. 

I usually see pink bubble wash then there is white bubble was and then blue aswell, 

but i have never seen a rainbow bubblegum car was shampoo before? 

It instantly reminded me of a rainbow paddle pop. what do you think?????

taking the rabbit for a walk.

yes ! you can walk a rabbit.

 or in other words .. the rabbit walks you. 
just giving miffy a change of scenery since 
hes always cooped up at home. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

summer gardening 2013

Summer gardening is not easy, the summer here in Perth is so harsh and dry. but so far the long purple beans are the winner for sumer, it seems like they are immune to the summer heat and grow very well, the only bad thing is they are always little ants on them especially the flowering, according to my brother in law the ants are to pollinate the plants, so I left them alone and I got much more beans, but not going to pick them, a few of my friends and family was wanting some seeds.

left: passionfruit ............     right: purple long beans
The passion fruit plants doesn't seems to be growing, to me it is still the same height as i bought it, any tips to make it grow?

squash seedlings

The squash is slowly growing. this snapshot was taken about a week ago, they now have 3 leaves. ;)

green amaranth - Amaranthus viridis
I always thought this was a weed, so many years I have been pulling it out and tossing them in the bin, until one day my brother told me it was actually edible and asked me to keep growing it so he can come and harvest it. 

For people who don't know what it is. check out the following links on what it is and recipe.



sugar snap peas
I was excited to see the sprout, but then soon found out they were short lived as peas are not meant to be planted in summer time, so today I have pulled the all out and have planted radish in placement, apparently radishes love the heat and is ready to harvest in only 4-6 weeks, so cant wait and I'll definitely update.

Monday, 7 January 2013

cake time

This was my 1st attempt at making chocolate cake thats not out of a packet, chocolate butter cream icing and also piping. It was a messy but this was the outcome. And surprisingly it tasted nice so I decided to do it again. 

We were invited to have xmas lunch at a friends place, all I can say is I tried but my cake was up stage by a utopia cake called MOMO. But I was told my cake tasted better. =)

smell my rose

Finally a beautiful rose for a beautiful sunny day. 


Bear is my new addition to my ever growing family of fluffy animals, He is the most characteristic and entertaining dog there is(or well to me anyway) how can u not love a face like this.