Friday, 7 March 2014


3 more months until Winter time is here

A lot has happened this past year, good and bad but mostly bad, people are faced with hurdles in life and it is a decision we must make whether to go around, under or over them. With out the support of family and friends this probably would turn out to be a different story, so lets hope 2014 is a better year ahead.

I choose this year to relax step back and try look through life in a different perspective, as one said i am too naive in life and always take things for granted....
maybe Im right and maybe Im wrong but i give this thought a year to show its colours to me.

and this is the time where it is too cold, too wet, cant be bothered and just too damn blugh to go out , so usually this is the time to talk  to friends, stay home, snuggle cuddle and keep warm of a nice cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and sit back watch movies or just chill and reminisce of thoughts, events, stages and the next chapter in life. time to think about the past, present and future,

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