Friday, 19 October 2012

Meet Miss Luna!!

long distance

Long awaiting companion, we got the black bunny yesterday, all the way in Banksia Grove. 
We were told on arrival the bunny had a bad family before therefore she is always frightened, so hope fully Miffy will be a great companion for her, when we got her she was very different from Miffy when he was a baby. 

oh… we named her Luna. 

She was very soft and flimsy like no muscle at all and when i placed her on the ground her hind legs were very slippery, so being a worry wart like I am, I booked her in to the vet the very next day and had her checked out. vet said cos she was in a bad condition possibly just locked up in the cage and no roaming. Her muscles never got exercised, hence the limpness and possibly the diet was not right for her, poor thing.

Well one thing I know for sure at now she is vaccinated and now the hard part is litter train her, hope it will go well considering she is adult stage now and never been potty trained. But at least now shes  going to have a friend to snuggle up to. 
They actually bonded quite well. Miffy is desexed so nothing to worry about. sigh of relief, no baby bunnies for this couple.

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