Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sake Bar

We went to Sake Bar in Northbridge to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.
I have to say the sushi and sashimi was so fresh and yummy. I just wanted to keep on eating and eating and eating, but of course I couldn't or else I would explode.
But here are some photos of the food we ordered.

Spider roll.. have to order its a must. soft shell crab with avocado and caviar.. I LOVE AVOCADO !!!!
Sashimi and Sushi bridge
Plum Wine & Sake (hot)
And finally for desert…Green tea red bean ice cream and Black sesame ice cream.

The food was so good we would definitely go back again. We went there in a Saturday night and at 8pm the front bar area dimes its light and starts playing hip hop R&B music.
Any one that likes japanese and hasn't been.. give it a try. And just a quick note. 

***For people that has the Entertainment card. So worth a try u get a 25% discount of the whole bill.

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