Friday, 22 July 2011

Winter Wonton Soup

When I was young I always like watching my mum cook and this was one of her easy recipes.
Mum's Wonton soup is what I always a nice winter warmer and healthy too.

Fig 1

Wonton Soup.

500g Pork Mince
300gPrawn meat (diced)
100g water chestnuts (diced)
1 x egg (beaten)
Wonton skins

Soya Sauce
spring onions
Choy Sum or Bok Choy

*wonton skins come in thick or thin style. depends on your own preference.
In this recipe i used thin skins.

Lets cook !
1. mix pork mince, prawn meat, diced finely water chestnuts and beaten egg together until all combined.

2. place a square of wonton skin flat in your palm and then use a butter kniffe and lift a small ball of wonton filling into the middle of the square.

3. fold bottom corner of the square up to touch the top corner. this should make the wonton look like a triangle shape. use a teeny tiny dab of water to stick it the corners together.

4. Then start from left to right scrunch the edges in a zig zag shape till u reach the end. (** Fig 1**)

5. place the wontons in a bamboo steamer and steam for 7 minutes at a time or until meat is cooked.

6. broth/soup: boil water, place diced spring onions and a splash of soya sauce pepper to taste and place chinese veggies and wontons. 

Boil for a couple of minutes and ready to eat !!!!!

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